Friday, August 24, 2007

Something funny for your Friday

Something of my own, this time ... It's a short clip of a co-worker cleaning out the refrigerator.

Here's where I posted about the fridge Nazi before. Kevin's a great guy ... funny as hell.


Anonymous said...

At least he asks what the stuff is and puts it back when its claimed. I love Kevin's vernacular though. He would much rather throw whatever that was against a plate glass window. Now that would make for some office fun.

Kim and Victoria said...

Give Kevin my condolences. What a crummy job. I've had to take it upon myself to throw moldy, ugly old crap out of the work fridge. (Back when I had a job.)

Esteban said...

"Well somebody's got to take the bull by the balls."
What the hell does that mean? And I trust this guy with my stories?

Jay said...

Yeah, I liked the "bull by the balls" comment too. You don't hear that phrase very often.

I just hope he wasn't refering to something somebody brought for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Menoggin???!!! That clip is an instant classic.