Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Way Back When-sday

In honor of Sunday's Super Bowl XLI between the Colts and Bears, I give you two pictures of my dad and the youth football teams he played on. In the photo at top, Pops is No. 3 (second from left in front row). His uniform almost swallows him whole. In the photo at right, Pops is the first guy on the left in the second row from the front.

Don't like football? Maybe you'll watch the game for the ads.

Now that was a dumb thing to say

OK... so this site -- things my boyfriend says -- is pretty funny even if it is a girl making fun of the things guys say, particularly her boyfriend. One example from her boyfriend, this one entitled About Crazy Chicks:

"Yeah, crazy girls are the best in bed. They're also the most likely to bite off your wiener."
Hat tip to Heather at I am Fuel, You are Friends, one of my favorite MP3 blogs, for mentioning the site. You can always find a link to Heather's site over to the right under MP3 Blogs I Like.

Now I've got to find a site with all the stupid things girls say .... any suggestions?

Do not mess with the Cartwheel King

You all are going to be surprised... Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow .... but you are going to be surprised.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quit monkeying around ...

I need some more of these.

Thank you to those of you who sent one. Want to send another? Go ahead. Send them to by the end of Thursday night.

First attempt at a cartwheel

Y'all have no patience at all ...

I'll be sure to post more videos in the very near future of my attempts to do a cartwheel. And I'll gladly post videos of any of you doing one if you want to send it to me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Meltdown Monday Week Four

No time to make a video of my weigh-in this morning so I just snapped a picture. As it shows, the meltdown continues this week with a loss of four pounds. That brings the total loss so far to 13. I'm still not exercising as much as I want but have valid excuses this week: interviewing job candidates added hours to my work schedule, it snowed, and it was too effing cold. Maybe that last one is just me whining. Anyway, the downward trend continues. The other three weeks of posts are sort of floating in space at the moment. I'll eventually link back to them so those of you who are new will know what this is about.

Weight 01.01.07: 274 pounds
Weight 01.29.07: 261 pounds

No treats for you bad doggy

I was out for about five hours late in the afternoon, evening on Sunday and returned to find Toby the Jack Russell playing in this mess. He pulled a bag with a puzzle in it off the footlocker, chewed the bag open and shook all the pieces out. And from the looks of all the hair, he then wallowed all over his accomplishment.

Bad dog ... Bad dog ... But I guess he's done worse things -- as some of you may remember.

I'm off to vacuum up some dog hair.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gymnastics ... not my strong suit

Anyone have any tips on an easy way to learn a cartwheel?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Your participation is requested ...

Check out this message I sent myself.

I'd like to see each one of you create one -- saying whatever you want -- and send it to me by way of this e-mail -- .... You'll need to cut and paste or type it in on the monk-e-mail form.

I'll make a compilation video using the Monk-e-mails sent to me and I'll post that video here. You can have the monkey use your own voice by calling a number and recording your message or just type in the words and the monkey will say them. Using phonetic spelling helps to get some of the sounds -- as in 'bee aatches.' Have fun with it ...

Create your own monk-e-mail by going here.

Deadline to send me one is Thursday....

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was .....

Because of my work schedule, I never get to see American Idol. Whenever I've seen it in the past, I always liked watching "the rejects" better than the supposed talented competitors. So I got a kick out of this and thought I'd share it in case some of you missed it.

UPDATE: YouTube already started taking down some of the posted Idol clips so I switched these links to the official Fox site. Here are some clips from the Idol auditions:

Friday, January 26, 2007

I believe that they will ...

The weather took a drastic turn over the past few days. We went from spring-like temperatures with buds popping to snow and snow squalls. It was bitter cold Thursday night into Friday morning and I feel for those flower buds that only a week ago were ready to burst open into this world. They will be shocked to find out the world has changed almost overnight.

But we plow ahead believing the next day will be better ... or the day after that.
I guess life is like that in general. You never know when things are going to throw a wrench in your works. But we plow ahead believing the next day will be better ... or the day after that. We have our sunny days and enjoy them. And on rainy days we try to remind ourselves about the sunny days we had and those still ahead. Sometimes it helps to have others remind us of that. To have someone put a hand on our shoulder -- or an arm around our waist -- as we watch that passing snow squall go by and to say, "Good riddance." Someone to remind us that change is the only constant and that a passing snow squall tonight could be the harbinger of warmer days just around the corner.

Sometimes we just need to be told things will be OK.

... And we need to believe that they will.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Welcome to my new digs

Regular posting will resume shortly .... I'll also be bringing over a couple things from the other site.