Saturday, February 23, 2008

Doctor, doctor ... Give me the news

I ended up in the emergency room this morning after the swelling didn't get any better and the rash spread down my arms, back and sides.

See my health blog post for more on that by clicking here.

The good news for me ... the rash has stayed away from Mr. Sunshine. Whoo-hoo. Thank you Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I hope they get you all taken care of soon. Get better!

Your Loyal Minions said...

Boss - Focus on getting better! Then blog.

Pierce said...

Damn!! Get better bud..

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeffrey! Hope you're starting to get better by now.

Thank you and Natalie so much for donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters! Our team is doing awesome because of generous people like you helping us out. The Seldom Strikers are the top fund-raisers for our event right now. We've raised almost $1000 in online donations, and we've got a company donation of $500 coming our way too - it takes $1000 to maintain a new match for a year, so all those donations will help get a little brother or sister off the wait list to get a Big. And you guys helped! Thank you so much!

Whenever you need help supporting a charity you love, just let me know - I'll be happy to help out. :)

Kim and Victoria said...

Mr. Sunshine. That's great. Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Jay said...

Yeah, take it easy for a bit. *Soup Nazi voice* No stairs for you!

At least your not in for the same reason a co-worker of mine was in the hospital recently. Apparenty his "Mr. Sunshine" needed a trim. Circumcision in your 50's is apparently a bad thing. But gave us alot of laughs. So I guess it's all good.