Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Way Back When-sday

Since Mama and Pops decided to take off to Las Vegas for a week and didn't invite me, I checked my stockpile for a picture of them together having fun. This is what I came up with. This is from the late 70s, I believe, at the beach in North Carolina. Pops is showing off his almost naturally hairless chest -- except the five around each nipple -- and Mama is sporting her "come and give Mama some sugar" kissy lips. If Pops was just a tad bit whiter, you wouldn't be able to tell where his skin ended and the shorts started.

That should teach you guys about going to Vegas and not inviting me -- especially when Way Back When-sday is involved.

P.S. Pops called Monday night and Mama scored a pair of Elton John tickets from their casino host. Must be nice. Jealousy is rearing its ugly head.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it!

Kim and Victoria said...

Don't worry Jeffrey. Look like you got your revenge with this photo!

Anonymous said...

Well, Son, we were going to invite you for our next trip but I think your revenge is going to back fire on you. Sorry....You know I usually get the last word. I love you. Mama