Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thing-along

The pants kill me ...

WARNING... The link below has sexual related content.. Words only. No nudity...

One of Rod Stewart's claims to fame is as a member of this rumor club.

UPDATE: Joe's comment to this post is a must read. After you've read it, watching this will prove what he's saying.


Joe said...

Rod was THE MAN for a while there.
The guy simply wrote songs TELLING women he was only down for one night stands, as if it was how they *should* expect things to be.

This is one of my favorite lines from "Tonight I'm Yours"....

"And tomorrow morning we won't cry
you go your way, honey, I'll go mine.
I'm the one who didn't waste your time
remember me this way.

And if you never see my face again,
think of me as a permanent friend,
the one who loved you like a hurricane
then disappeared,

THAT, is awesome. It's like he's telling her..."I'm just gonna nail you tonight so correctly, that you won't even mind me blowing you off tomorrow morning and NEVER calling you again."

Next thing we knew, he was singing about "The Downtown Train" and everything went to shit.

Bug-Z said...

OK, so he became that chicks little bitch....ummm sounds like someone we know...haha

anyway, at least the song started out like the old Rod..."I climbed through the window down to the street, I am shining like a new diamond" As if to say I just hit that shit right, now I am sneaking out the window, haha bitch, see ya!