Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Way Back When-sday

Above is a photo -- it's a little blurry -- of my neighbor and me getting ready to cruise our neighborhood in Grifton, N.C. I'm on my tractor and she's on her trike. That tractor served me well with the ladies ;-)

At right is a picture of me and Papa with the tractor when it was new. I think I posted it before but wanted to post it again as a reminder of how much use good old metal toys were given. I guess well-built plastic lasts, but it sure doesn't take on the same amount of character as metal does as it gets used.

Metal ride-on toys are still being made.


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! Your neighbor girl's hat and coat were adorable too.

Jay said...

That is a fine looking piece of machinery. I can see why it made the ladies swoon.

Be glad your not a kid now. The kids tractors today are imported from China and contain 27% lead.

Anonymous said...

great pictures. Your mama had an outfit similar to that when she was a toddler. Hope this comment is taken; have had trouble getting comments to print. Uncle Tony

Kim and Victoria said...

That is one heck of a tractor. Can you imagine having that now? So cool!