Monday, May 7, 2007

Naked people make me smile ;-)

Around 18,000 people stripped to their naked nakedness and posed in Mexico City's main plaza to be photographed by American artist Spencer Tunick on Sunday. Tunick is known for shooting crowds of nudes. Tunick's previous record of 7,000 nudes was set in Barcelona, Spain, in 2003.

I'm not sure if I could do it. Maybe if I was a bit drunk like this guy ....

Here's how the L.A. Times covered it.
Here's the Web site for Tunick's HBO documentary -- Naked World.
More images from Spencer Tunick shoots.

Not really a Spencer Tunick photo shoot, but this is funny.


Anonymous said...

That's nuts. Brave souls.

Mama said...

Just glancing at the bottom picture, it made me think of getting up potatoes when I was a little girl. We would always lay them out to dry and that's what they look like. ILY

Laurie Anne said...

Ok, that photo of the old man wearing his Walmart overalls, that was just too disturbing.

Kim and Victoria said...

Walmart overalls, thats so funny!