Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Way Back When-sday

This Way Back When-sday is dedicated more to an event than a group of photos. This past weekend, my parents cooked a Brunswick Stew at the house. The stew is a family tradition we brought up here with us when we moved from North Carolina. If you click on the picture of the article at the top, you can read a piece the paper I now work for did on this tradition in 1992. The picture in the article is of Granddaddy and Mama. Granddaddy is stirring the stew while Mama adds some ingredients. At right is a picture of Mama dipping out the remainder of the stew this year.

We haven't done a stew in a while. After Granddaddy died, I know it was tough for Mama to even think about having a stew. After all, Granddaddy carved the hickory paddle we still use. I remember when he cut down the wood he used to make it. I watched as he whittled away at it with an ax before switching to his knife for a final touch here and there. He'd come up from North Carolina to help with the stew every year. Sharpening the knives, cutting the onions and potatoes, picking through the chicken to get the bones. And of course, stirring with the paddle he made. I think he enjoyed seeing the tradition get carried on ... and being such a big part of it.

NOTE: I'll add to this later... I need to get ready for work.


pierce said...

Oh man, one of my absolute favorite things to do in the Fall. Lots of great memories and 'stews. Must have missed my invite in the mail. : )

Bug-Z said...

It has been missed!!

Kim and Victoria said...

What a contrast your upbringing is to mine! What great traditions and continuity you've had. Love the Brunswick Stew tradition.