Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Congratulations to John

My friend John Pierce ran in and completed his first marathon this weekend in Charlotte, N.C., in the Thunder Road Marathon. At top is a picture of him from the back crossing the finish line. His daughter and her friend ran the last few yards of it with him. At right is a picture of John during the marathon -- I think he knew we would want proof. He is the one at the far right in sunglasses.

He finished 563rd overall out of 1018 total entrants. He was 71st in his division and finished in 4:27:48 (chip time) for an average of 10:19 per mile.

Here are the complete results. You can see John's split times by looking under the marathon results.

Congratulations John.


pierce said...

Thanks Jeffro!! I will email you some pics later. My daughter Nicole actually ran the last 50 yards with me.

Kim and Victoria said...

That's so cool! 10 minute miles are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that you're done with the marathon, go eat something!

Whitey said...

Great Job John

I know it requires alot of training.
If you enjoy running I think you might like to do triathlons it would be a whole new challenge for you.


Anonymous said...

So what did the run benifit?

pierce said...

Thanks Whitey!! I was actually looking into a 1/2 IronMan...my wife will kill me if I start to train for that though : )