Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Way Back When-sday

I'm not sure what the occasion is, but this is a picture of Mama (the girl at right in the front) and Mama's cousin, Aunt Betsy, I believe, with (from left in back) Aunt Betty, Aunt Aline and Mammy. I've always loved looking at this picture because of the dresses and the different looks on all their faces. It looks like it's from the mid 1950s but I'll have to let Mama or Aunt Betsy leave a comment saying exactly when this was taken and why they were all dressed up.


Kim and Victoria said...

They look rather serious, don't they?
Like lambs to the slaughter or something.

Anonymous said...

We look serious because...the picture was being taken at a funeral home. I didn't want to be at athe funeral home anyhow. Back then the only people we knew that had a good camera were friends of our Aunt in the middle, Aline. My cousin, Betsy, and I were on our way to a piano recital. She was very good at the piano and still is but I didn't like to practice. Mama, the lady on the right, used to play the piano at church. I never learned to play that good but I do enjoy singing while Betsy plays the piano. Mama