Friday, May 2, 2008

What I did before work today ...

I have been stuck in a major rut for a while, part of which includes staying up until the sun rises and then trying to sleep a few hours before getting up for work. That rut has kept me in not the best of moods. So I've decided to try to break out of that routine and make some changes.

Today, I woke before 9, mowed the grass, trimmed the edges of the flowerbeds and sidewalks and took some pictures. I also drank my coffee, did some e-mailing, watched some CNN and am now leaving a blog post. All before going to work. Life is what you make of it, right?

Anyway ... Here's to one morning down.


Kim and Victoria said...

Good for you, Jeffrey. How did it feel?

Jeffrey said...

It actually felt great.

It was about time I realized I needed to regain some control over my life.