Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thing-along

So while I was at my parents' house Sunday for Fathers Day, I helped my sister-in-law Susan find this song she kept hearing. She knew some of the lyrics and I used those and did a little Google search and came up with it. Now I find myself loving the song .... it's oh so hummable

The artist is Paolo Nutini (Born 1/9/1987).

Nutini is a singer-songwriter from Scotland. His father is of Italian descent and his mother Glaswegian, although his father's family have been in Scotland for four generations. His influences include David Bowie, Damien Rice, Oasis, The Beatles, U2, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.(SOURCE: Last.FM)

Here's his official site.

Here he is on Myspace.


Anonymous said...

He sings of what the ladies have known for centuries...

Natalie said...

Isn't that the truth! Wearing new shoes do seem to make everything feel alright...whether a new pair of flip flops or shoes make you feel more confident and great!