Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh please ... This was pathetic

I'm not saying the rips about an "out of shape" Britney were called for -- she looks pretty damn fine if you ask most men -- but come on ... This Britney Spears performance at the MTV Awards is pitiful. She looks stoned.

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Kim and Victoria said...

Yeah, I'd hate to see myself in that outfit in front of millions, but, it IS Britney, she should know better and offer the caliber of performance she is paid for.

Anonymous said...

I thought she still looked hot, but she definitely didn't act happy to be there. That ruined it for me. Sad. I was so hoping for a performance like she gave on her Onyx tour in Seattle. To this day, that is the best concert I've ever seen. I think she's forgotten how to put on a show.

Anonymous said...

She looked good, a little fuller than before. She didn't perform that good, looked like she was on something! slow and unsure.

At lunch today this fat F**k had the nerver to say she was chunky!!! I almost laughed in her FAT F***ing face. I mean this beach is a FAT piece of Sheet.

Anonymous said...

I agree the performance should have never happened until she got her edge back, but I realized today that I can't get the song out of my head...but the essence of Britney was that she didn't have to write the songs or even sing them live. She just has to put on a great performance. Who knows. She's a product of Hollywood now, no longer Disney's sweetheart.