Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Way Back When-sday

This is a picture from around 1969 of me kissing Stephen between his eyebrows as Stephen puckers up to kiss me. We are kissing with our eyes closed and that may help explain the awkward appearance of our kiss. I'm also holding a football, so it could just be that it's not a picture of a kiss but instead, is a stop motion action picture Mama snapped. A split second after this was taken I am running over Stephen and knocking him on his ass.... yeah, that's more like it.


Mama said...

That comment about you running over Stephen and knocking him on his - - -, sounds good for you but I don't think so. It's weird but I can remember that day so well and I can't remember what I cooked for supper last night. Maybe I didn't cook...Love your When-sdays and you.

Anonymous said...

That is about the cutest picture ever.