Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nice day for a drive

It was a nice day here Sunday so I set my camera up in the corner of the front yard to record all the traffic coming in and out of town -- mainly to go to one of the waterfront restaurants and bars down on the C&D Canal. The camera is facing back toward the house (on the left) and facing into town. This is about 15 minutes of traffic sped up to 1 minute, 35 seconds.


Kim and Victoria said...

Thanks for the link. Gorgeous river. Gives me an idea, I should have a post Boise pics. Nice to see what the different areas look like. Sounds like you should get down to that waterfront and join in the fun. I hope the last song on the video is not an indication of your mood. If so, I'm sorry. It's pretty music, but sad sounding.

Jeffrey said...

As sad is that last song sounds -- and I admit not being the shiniest of happy people lately -- it is very relaxing. Imagine sitting in one of you corner gardens under a star-filled sky with a glass of wine and that song playing. I'll try to e-mail it to you so you can check it out.