Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tidying up just a bit

Say hello to a new Blog I Read and goodbye to another.

First, the goodbye.
Big Dre has stopped blogging, pretty much. He had good ideas (some I may now steal) and plans for -- but not the time. If he gets his photo blog going, I'll link to it. Best of luck with it, Dre.

And now the hello.
The new blog I'm adding -- All Over the Bored -- is from Laurie Anne. You'll find diversity on her blog, from posts worrying about the health of her cat to posts about Wonder Woman's love life.Hmmmmmmm. Who didn't want to be tied up with that golden lasso? mmmmmmmm.
Now what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Laurie Anne's blog. Anyhow, one of her longer posts begins at a Mardi Gras party/dance at her 7-year-old son's school and ends with one of life's little moments worth noting. Click here to read it.
And for any of us who have quit smoking -- I'm 15 months and 14 days cigarette free now -- these thoughts creep in every now and then. Even if we know we will never smoke again.

Check out Laurie Anne's full blog here and a link is now over to the right under Blogs I Read. Keep up the interesting posts, Laurie Anne.

1 comment:

FreedomGirl said...

Wow...just catching up...lots going on around here. I'm glad your brother and his family are okay.

As far as the smoking goes....I'm so glad you quit!! A very good friend of mine was diagnosed on Friday with throat cancer. There, but for the grace...etc, etc.

Pretty soon, with no smoking and all this weight loss, you will be the picture of health.