Monday, July 9, 2007

Meltdown Monday ... It's back

According to the new scales, I weigh 284 pounds. That would mean I gained nearly 40 pounds since stopping Meltdown Monday a couple of months ago. I have not gained 40 pounds, but did re-gain some of what I had lost. It's just a difference in how these scales weigh and how the other, now broken one, weighed. Anyhow, these are the scales I'll go by starting today as I begin anew my Meltdown Mondays and my quest for a happier, healthier me. I'll try to share with you my successes and failures.

I'll take you along on my attempts to exercise and give you the chance to give me tips and pointers. Perhaps some of you have great recipe ideas you'd like to share. And of course, if any of you want to play along, that would be great. The more the merrier...

Here's a little inspirational music:

free music


Mama said...

Those scales are not right. You don't weigh what they say. I'll buy you some digital ones that work better than that. But even weighing on those you can tell when you lose. Good luck, Son.

Jeffrey said...

Thanks, Ma. The scales are definitely not weighing the same as the others, but they are motivating.