Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Way Back When-sday

In the photo at top from the summer of 1971, Russell (left) has a beater, Stephen (center) has a spoon and I have a beater. We are all enjoying licking the cake batter off our own utensils. But if you click on the photo at right, you'll notice that when I take time to lick some of the batter off my fingers, Stephen grabs my beater and starts stealing my batter. Licking the beaters -- and better yet, the bowl -- was one of childhood's most joyous moments. Despite the warnings, we never got sick from it.

My favorites were the cream cheese icing for carrot cake (my favorite cake) and the batter for homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Lacey said...

I agree! Chocolate chip cookies were the best batter! I also liked chocolate cake...too bad that doesn't transfer to gluten free memories tho...Happy 4th!

Jeffrey said...

Having to be gluten free must suck. Sorry. And I read you weren't too keen on the gluten-free beer you found. Double suck.

Mama/Mrs. G. said...

These pictures brought back a lot of memories. After Brandon was born, someone got the bowl since ya'll had the beaters and the spoon.

Lacey, you're right, Chocolate Chip cookie dough is the best. I think I gave one of the boys a roll of cookie dough for Christmas one time. If I had known you liked it, I would have given you one.